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This is a Wikia dedicated to the creation of a coherent lore for the Gorefield Mythos. These will be implemented into online novellas, to be released later upon this site.

Comment upon pages, or make blog posts, to request changes. If accepted they will be implemented as Canon.We apologize for the inconvienence, but we are a small team working on this Wiki as a hobby. Thus we would not be able to constantly moderate an open source wikia. We hope you understand.

New Pages can be added freely, though must remain consistent with all other pages. New Pages will be reviewed for consistancy.

Consistent contributers may be promoted to an Editor status. This Status can be removed if one is seen as unfit through disrespect of Editors or Viewers, or through signifigant retcons without Staff Consensus.

*Much of the History in this Wiki is based upon real organizations, people, and events. Which while striving for accuracy, must be viewed as fictitious. It should not be required to say this, for it should be obvious, but it is the internet. So better safe than sorry.

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